Common Macro tracking mistakes

macro tracking macros nutrition Oct 20, 2021

Macro tracking is a tool used to help you learn to balance your food in order to best fuel your body. I've been using this tool for myself and my clients for several years now and have seen amazing results both mentally and physically. Just like with anything new or different we try, we can make mistakes along the way.

5 Mistakes Made With Macro Tracking:

#1: Being obsessed with your macro goals

The beauty of macro tracking is that you don't have to be perfect.  Nor is it possible.  The key is being consistent over being perfect all the time.  Aim to get as close as possible to your macros everyday but don't stress when you're not.

#2: Letting your macros control you

If counting macros takes over your life, they aren’t working for you. Mentally planning for real-life variability to happen without letting macros control every decision is the sweet spot.

#3: Adding calories and macros back for exercise.

Your macro targets are usually set with your activity level in mind. When you add back in or "eat back" the estimated calories you burn in your workout or on even on your daily walk, you might go over your deficit calories making it harder to lose weight. 

#4: Not enjoying what you’re eating

Chicken, broccoli, rice.  All day everyday.  Sounds great right?  Eating the same boring foods all the time isn't' necessary with macro tracking and will actually burn you out. Enjoying what you eat is key for long-term success and the beauty of macro tracking is that you have the flexibility to do that.  

#5: Dieting for more than 3-4 months and not phasing your nutrition

Just like with exercise, it's important to take your nutrition through different phases.  This is called Nutritional periodization and helps keep your body healthy, mind happy, and metabolism functioning as it should.  This is something I take all my 1:1 clients through in order for them to have long-term, sustainable results. 

Are you making any of these mistakes?   If so, check yourself and change your mindset around macro tracking!  Need help?  Feel free to reach out at anytime [email protected] :-) 


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