Enjoy the Holiday Season Without Ruining Your Health and Fitness Progress

fitness tips Nov 20, 2018

So you've been working hard on some goals and seeing some great results. Then BOOM, the holiday season hits and you suddenly find that it's MUCH harder to get to the gym everyday and to stick to your nutrition goals. That's okay! Different seasons of the year mean different seasons of life. It's accepting those seasons and being conscious of your nutrition and exercise that will help you to not go overboard and ruin your hard work.


Here's a few tips to not ruining your progress through the Holiday Season:


1. Reset your goals. If you’ve been focusing on losing weight, change your goal for the next few weeks, month, or rest of the year to maintain. Or maybe even gain muscle. If your looking to build more muscle, you’ll naturally need more food. Which you’ll most likely be doing a little bit more over the holidays anyways so why not adjust your macros to meet those needs?


2. Don’t track your food on the day of a Holiday or event with other people. You can still be conscious of what you’re eating but there’s no need to worry about logging your food over the dinner table while trying to enjoy time with family. Eat your food, enjoy your family, and get back on track the next day. Guilt free!


3. Get in an intense workout the day of. Whether it's party or Thanksgiving Day, getting in a workout before hand will help you feel better about what you're eating and direct your food to use for fuel! However, aim for it to be intense. Intense meaning a really good lifting workout, HIIT workout or full body workout that challenges you. You know you’ll be eating more food so prep your body to burn the calories by working your it before hand.


4. Start each day with a healthy breakfast focusing on proteins and complex carbs. Think a nice big protein smoothie loaded with veggies or a big scramble with veggies. This is especially important on the day of an party or holiday. More than likely you’ll get more carbs than you usually do in the afternoon/evening so filling up on proteins and veggies earlier in the day will help keep your macros balanced.


5. Don't throw in the towel! No matter what you eat, drink, or how many workouts you miss over the holiday season, don't just quit! You've been working hard at your goals and quitting will mean starting over which no one likes to do. Enjoy the holiday season but be conscious of what goals you've set for yourself. Continue to work at them but allow yourself some grace throughout this season to enjoy your family, friends, festivities and food! If you do overdo it, don't quit! Make tomorrow your new day not January 1st.


Most important tip to staying on track is to enjoy yourself! Don't skip out on parties or events because you want to look banging in your swim suit come summertime. Yes keeping your goals in mind is important but being in the moment and enjoying those that mean the most to you is more important. Live life, eat clean most the time, move when you can and enjoy this season!


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