Hiring an Online Coach

fitness tips Apr 30, 2019

Several months ago, I purchased an online training package from a fairly popular online coach. She had thousands of followers, a strong social media presence, posted fun workout videos and displayed great transformation pictures. I wanted to try something new that was created by someone else besides myself, and wanted to see some different results than I was seeing at the time. What I got was disappointing. A workout program that was not personalized for me, a sample meal plan that was copied from a book. ( I know because I actually have the book), and a caloric intake number that was well below my BMR. There was zero personalization, zero one-on-one communication, no check ins, no "hey, how's it going?" oh and NO certifications. Yes, I should have looked into her background a little bit more but I figured with such a strong social media presence and huge following that they would have some form of certification to back them. Nope!


What I learned was this,


First, always do your research. Check certifications, experience, read testimonials, email and talk to them, ask to skype, ask to chat on the phone, etc. before jumping on board.


Second, know exactly what you are paying for. Ask if it's personalized or a carbon copy program that you are getting. Ask if you'll have any one-on-one support. Is there a meal plan included? If so, is it customized to you? If it is, are they an RD or a nutritionist? Do they hold any special certifications? What's their experience with coaching?


Third, followers don't mean anything. So what if they have 10k of followers, beautiful images, and long drawn out posts. What matters is that they are professional, knowledgable, certified (if that's what you're looking for), and there to truly help you, not just take your money.


I might not have gotten the best program out of my decision to purchase this persons program. However, what I did take away from this was even more desire to be the best online trainer that I can possibly be.


Here's what you get from me as your online personal trainer,


Connection - whether it's via email, phone call, skype etc. you're connecting right away with me so I can learn more about you.


Customization - your workout program is customized for YOU based on your equipment, time, personal history, etc.


Communication - I'm checking in on your progress daily and communicating more deeply on a weekly basis via email, text or phone call to see how you're doing. Questions are answered within the day and always by me!


Certification - I am a NASM certified personal trainer, an AFFA group fitness trainer, and a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I also have years of personal experience with health and nutrition. My college degree is in education and while I'm not teaching in a classroom, I'm still using my degree to teach others about health and fitness. Which is my true passion!


Care - I truly care about you not just your money or getting you to lose weight. I care about you feeling better, overcoming personal struggles, creating a healthy relationship with your body, food and exercise. I absolutely love the relationships that are formed between myself and my clients.


No, I might not have 10k followers, a perfectly laid out IG page or huge presence in the social media world. However, I'm the type of coach that cares more about connecting with my clients and giving them my own personal attention over getting followers and selling carbon copy workout programs. I truly care about each and every person I work with and would love to work with you! If you're looking for an online coach to help you with your fitness or nutrition, let's chat!


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