Macro Friendly Travel Staples

macro tracking macro traveling travel foods travel staples Nov 10, 2021

Are you traveling for the Holidays?

If so you'll want to bookmark this blogpost! 

One thing I love about macro tracking is the flexibility. Sometimes when I travel I continue to track and sometimes I don't. It depends on my current goals and what type of traveling I'm doing. Either way, I always pack macro friendly foods that will help me to feel good and stay somewhat on track regardless of whether I'm logging my food or not.

These are some of my go-to macro travel staples. Some are of course perishable but I always pack a cold pack for the car ride.

🍗  Protein
Tuna packets
Protein bars
Hard boiled eggs
Protein powder
Collagen peptides
Cheese sticks
Greek yogurt

🥑  Fat
Nut butter packets
Hard Boiled eggs

*** It's typically much easier to get more fat when traveling and dining out so focus more on carbs and protein travel foods

🥨 Carbohydrates
Rice cakes
Granola bars
Dried fruit
Fresh fruit
Oatmeal packets
Applesauce pouches

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself so don't stress over nutrition being perfect.  Do the best you can by planning ahead, being mindful and packing some of these macro friendly staples! 


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