Plyometric Training

fitness tips Nov 16, 2018

Have you heard of plyometrics training before? Or maybe you've heard the term, "Plyo" short for plyometrics. This is a type of exercise that trains muscles to produce strength and speed. Plyometric exercises involve a stretch of the muscles, immediately followed by a contraction of the same muscles. Which is why it's sometimes referred to as jump training.


Plyometrics training is often used while training athletes as it's a great way to increase agility and quickness. Increased agility is extremely beneficial for athletes but can be great for the general population as well. Along with increased agility and quickness, there are some other benefits to plyometric training. It's biggest benefit is increased strength and muscle building. Weight loss is also a benefit to plyometric training as it uses a great deal of energy and tends to incorporate your full body. Combining strength and cardio at a higher intensity can result in a higher calorie burn too!


Plyometrics training can be incorporated into your strength training to produce a more complete routine. By pairing and explosive plyometric movement with a traditional strength exercise, will improve your explosive power and burn more calories.


Interested in incorporating plyometrics into your workout routine? Here's a fun workout to try!


Strength and Plyo Workout

Start with a 5-10 minute warm up that includes some mobility and dynamic stretching.


3 Rounds

12 Sumo Squat High Pulls

12 Reverse Lunge Bicep Curl

45 seconds of Squat jumps

Rest 1-2 min


3 Rounds

12 Glute Bridge Chest Press

12 Twist and press

45 seconds jumping lunges

Rest 1-2 minutes


3 Rounds

10 Inch worm to push up

12 Bent over row + tricep extension

45 seconds Burpees

Rest 1-2 minutes


Cool down and stretch


There are many benefits of including it into your workout routine but it's important to keep in mind that it is a higher impact training. So ensuring that you're healthy and start at a level that is appropriate for your level of fitness, is crucial. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning any new type of training or activity and listen to your body!


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