Self Discipline Is the Key to Success

fitness tips Aug 23, 2018

Does your mind ever get in the way of you doing something that you want to do? Or something that you know you need to do? (HANDS UP) I know mine does. We can come up with pretty much any excuse these days for pretty much everything! Especially health and fitness. We know we need to workout, but our mind talks us out of it. We know we need to eat healthy, but our mind tells us things like, “tomorrow is a new day.” Or, “just one bite.”


Here’s the thing. In order to succeed in life, in relationships, in fitness, in health, we MUST have self discipline.


So how do we do that? I'll be honest it's not always easy. It's easier to let our minds talk us out of exericise, or out of making the healthy choice. So we do have to work a little harder to be more self disciplined.


Here's some tips on how to stay motivated and win the battle with the mind.

1. Set goals

2. Have a plan and write it out.

3. Have an accountability partner or trainer to check in with.

4. Set your daily non-negotiables (what you WILL do without fail).

5. Practice. Practice. Practice.


It's not always easy. In fact, it's downright hard the majority of the time to have self-discipline. The thing is, the more you do it, the more you fight to win that battle with your mind, the easier it will get and the more successful you'll be!


Get started with winning that battle by joining my next Carb Cycling Group that kicks off in September! This group will help to give you the accountability and support you need to be more self-disciplined and reach your goals! If you're intersted in something a little sooner, try out my self-guided Get on Track Bootcamp or one of my one-on-one services to help get you on track!


Bottom line, I know you have goals and dreams. We all do! In order to bring those to fruition, we MUST practice self-discipline!





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