4 Tips for Healthy Traveling

fitness tips Jul 07, 2021

Summer is here!!!! 

If you're like me, you're planning a few trips here and there. Especially after last years lockdown.  Traveling can be a big disruption to our normal routine and sometimes with that change, health hiccups can occur.  I wanted to share some of my best tips for feeling your best after traveling!


Travel Tip #1:  Bump up hydration 

 Whether you're in a car or on a plane it's likely that you're not getting as much to drink as you normally would.  Unfortunately, dehydration is to blame for post-travel issues like constipation, fatigue and headaches. 

To combat this, make sure you're getting at least half your body weight in ounces of water.  It's also important to remember electrolytes and minerals are key too!  Staying on top of electrolytes will help you to stay hydrated and avoid the dehydration symptoms listed above.  

Travel Tip #2: Prioritize whole foods and proteins!

It's almost a given, when you're away from home you're likely not eating as well as you normally do.   Enjoying vacation and travel foods is 100% okay but when you're feeling off or bloated when you get back, prioritizing your diet can help a ton!    Make sure you're increasing your vegetable intake and staying on top of your protein.  Fiber is also essential in helping to keep things moving and getting digestion back on track. 

Meal planning on your way home, maybe even ordering your groceries to have when you get be a lifesaver! 

Travel Tip #3: Stress.  Sure, you're going on vacation to de-stress but... oftentimes traveling can be very stressful and taxing on the body.  A delayed flight, screaming child, hotel snafu.... Situations arise which can increase stress which can take a toll on your body and health.  Making sure to de-stress when you arrive home by planning some self-care is important.  Taking a bath after unpacking going for a walk, meditating or doing some gentle yoga can all be beneficial. 

Travel Tip #4: Sleep! 

‚ÄčAnother thing that you're likely lacking after vacation and the subsequent travel is sleep.

Whether it's too many late nights, or just an early flight or long drive, sleep can be hard to come by when traveling.

Prioritizing getting back to your normal sleep schedule can be key when trying to recover from travel-related slumps.

A few things that can help you get back into a good sleep routine are: unplugging from screens earlier, using earplugs and an eyemask, and making sure your room is cool and dark. 

I hope those tips will be helpful if you're traveling this summer!   Enjoy! 


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