Why women need protein

Jun 16, 2023

How's your daily protein intake?

You may not think about protein as being vital for women's health, but it truly is! Protein is not just for the men, or for those on a rigid workout plan...

Protein is important for women when it comes to health, weight loss, mood, blood sugar, hormones and so much more!

So you want to be sure you're getting the proper amount of protein in your daily meals to help you fuel your body well and feel your best.

But I also know protein can be a tricky topic for some... being unsure of how much is too much, if you're getting enough, and where to get the best protein sources.

A good place to begin is remembering that whole foods should always be the primary source of adding any nutrient to your diet.

When your goal is more protein, be aware that store-bought protein bars and overly processed, cheap protein powders are not the ideal ways to bump up your protein intake. Quality takes the cake, every time. So if you're not looking to invest in a good quality, organic protein supplement, then skip it all together and just focus on using real, whole foods!

So why is protein so important for women?

The amino acids you get from clean protein sources can help your body in the following:

  • Prevent fat accumulation in the liver
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Reduce muscle damage and breakdown
  • Reduce cravings
  • Strengthen bones, hair, skin, and nails
  • Aid in the formation of hemoglobin
  • Heal the bones
  • Enhance learning
  • Regulate metabolism and cell function
  • Aid in hormonal health
  • When paired with a healthy fat, can help avoid blood sugar spikes

Start focusing on adding in more whole foods, protein foods like chicken breast, fish, shrimp, non-fat greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, tofu, legumes or your favorite protein source! 


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