Working Out While Traveling

fitness tips Mar 13, 2019

Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, getting a workout while doing so can help you in many ways. It can help you stick to your routine, keep you focused on your goals, get you moving when you might otherwise be sitting or lounging around, and help combat some of the extra calories you might be eating if enjoying a vacation.


Most hotels have gyms these days and if not there are so many options to choose from if you're wanting to get in quick workout. Many gyms offer day passes to nearby gyms, or there are fitness studios in just about every city these days. PLUS you have the space in your hotel room that you can get in some quick movement. With that said, workout motivation can be harder to come by when on vacation or even traveling for work. You're out of your element, often tired from traveling or sleeping in a different bed and sometimes fairly busy.


So, here's a few tips to getting in your workout while traveling.


1. Plan ahead - when booking your hotel, check out if they offer a gym. If not, can you find another hotel that does? Or do they offer a day pass? Is there a studio close by?


2. Pack accordingly. Be sure to stick your gym shoes, workout clothes, ear buds, towel etc. into your suitcase. The last thing you want to do is get ready to workout and realize you forgot your shoes.


3. Make up your mind. Just like at home, before you go to bed, get on the plane, or start your day, make up your mind as to what you plan to do for your workout. If it's a class at a studio, sign up ahead of time! If it's a workout at the gym or in your room, tell someone you're doing it so you have some accountability.


4. Enlist a travel companion to join you! Vacationing with your spouse? Make it a gym date or a job on the beach! Traveling for work? Grab a work friend and hit up a local studio before your work day begins. Finding a workout buddy will help keep you accountable and more motivated to get it done!


5. Focus on nutrition. Even though you might be enjoying some new foods where ever you are staying, or splurging on a few treats, continue to focus on fueling your body with good foods and lots of water. When you do so, you'll feel better and be more likely to want to exercise.


Now, how about a few workouts! One for a hotel gym and one bodyweight you can do anywhere!


Hotel Gym Workout

Warm up with a few minutes on a cardio machine followed by some dynamic stretching

Then complete the following circuits 3-4 times each,


Circuit 1

12-15 Squat to bicep curl

10 Push-ups

20 Walking lunges

30 Bicycle abs

50 Jacks


Circuit 2

12-15 Deadlift to upright row

10 Lying chest press with leg raise

20 Alternating side lunge

20 Dumbbell front raise

10 Burpees


At home workout,

Warm up with a combo of jacks, high knees, jog in place, butt kickers etc. then follow up with dynamic stretching. Then complete the following,

Set a timer for 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest (interval timer apps work great for this!) Complete entire circuit then rest and repeat 3-4 times.


Sumo squat with weight

Jump squats

Glute bridge hold + chest fly

Running man

OH dumbbell press

Sit ups

Reverse lunges

Jumping lunges

Plank hold

Plank up downs


Next time you need a travel or at home workout, give one of these a try!


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