#Healthyhormone Bundle: 

A bundle of Healthy Hormone materials to help you naturally balance your hormones in order to:
- Eliminate hot flashes
- Sleep longer and more deeply
- Feel energized throughout your day
- Improve your sex drive
- Reduce mood swings and fatigue
- Overcome weight loss resistance and lose fat for good!
- And so much more!  

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You knew things would change when you got older ... but if you're anything like my clients, you didn't expect to experience:

  • Severe mood swings that have your family wondering if the hulk took over your body

  • Night sweats so bad you have to change your clothes, and maybe even your sheets

  • Excess, stubborn weight gain that no matter what you do, doesn’t go away

  • Fatigue that can be so severe you don’t even want to get up off the couch to get a glass of water

  • Sudden changes in your skin that range from dry and flaky to adolescent type craters popping up on your face

  • Either difficulty falling asleep even though you're exhausted or you wake at 2:00am thinking about the cupcakes you need to bake for the bake sale in a week

I get it. I feel it too and talk to women everyday who are experiencing the same symptoms and feeling the same frustrations. Many of these symptoms plus more are related to hormonal imbalances.  Something that we are NOT really taught about in our younger years, so we have no idea how to deal with or correct these imbalances.

Everyday I help women learn how to balance their hormones naturally and want to share some of those solutions with you! I’ve put together my best practices for healing hormones that I use with all my 1:1 clients.  These scientifically proven steps will help you learn,

  • What roles hormones play in our bodies

    common hormonal imbalances and causes

  • Symptoms of hormonal issues

  • How to support healthy hormones naturally

  • Top Foods for supporting hormone health. 

  • Hormone Boosting Recipes to help you cook for optimal hormone health

  • The exact things to focus on in order to balance hormones, have more energy, better sleep, more fat loss and just feel overall better!

This bundle of research backed materials is perfect for women like you who want to take back control of their health and feel empowered to make positive changes towards their hormonal health.  

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Listen, I know know what you want!

You want start feeling like you felt 10, 5 or maybe even 1 year ago.  You want the energy to play with your kids, workout, or just get through the day.   

You want to look better, feel better, perform better, parent better, live life better! 

That's exactly why I put together these guides for you!  To help you STOP feeling frustrated, angry, depressed and defeated with your own body.  To start living live the way we WANT to live!  Feeling our best!  

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"I believe living healthy shouldn't be restricted but should be a balance of good food that fits your lifestyle."

- Giselle Schroer