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Women's Wellness Coaching Collective: 

Whole Body Coaching for the Perimenopausal Woman!

A high touch, whole body coaching opportunity specifically created for women 35+

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It's Time!

If you're a woman 35+...

  • Obsessing over your weight daily to the point where it's taking a toll on your mental health?
  • Struggling to find the energy to make it through each day?
  • Constantly at the mercy of your unpredictable mood swings?
  • Faking headaches or exhaustion to avoid getting intimate wth your partner
  • Tired of giving your all to the latest diet only to see little to no results?
  • Embarrassed with your dry, brittle, thin hair that's leaving you with clogged drains and a hat as your go-to accessory?
  • Constantly reaching for stretchy pants or loose baggy tops to hide your fupa, spare tire, or muffin top?  IYKYK
  • Fed up with spending $$$ on supplements not knowing if they're actually working for your body?

It's TIME my friend!  Time to STOP wasting precious time and money on supplements, meal plans, doctors and diets that leave you back at square one.  Or maybe even worse off than when you started. 

It's time to make the one investment into your health that is actually going to help you get to the root cause of these stubborn symptoms and take back your body!  

It's time to join the:

Women's Wellness Coaching Collective! 

As a Women's Health Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner, I've seen the incredible results that come from digging deep into hormone imbalances through functional lab testing. That's why I created the Women's Wellness Coaching Collective – a small group, whole body focused program designed to optimize your hormones, reduce inflammation, and restore your metabolism

Because the truth is, the answer to a healthier you isn’t more work or more motivation.

Instead, real, lasting results come from learning how to take control of your hormones so you can regain your confidence and energy.

Here's how we'll do that:

Identify Hormone Imbalances through functional lab testing:  Gain insights into your hormonal balance with convenient at-home testing. These results guide our personalized approach to address your specific needs. 

Individualized Nutrition Protocol: Say goodbye to generic diets! Our nutrition plans are tailored to nourish your body and promote hormonal balance, based on your unique needs and goals.

Unique Workout Program: Exercise shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. That's why we provide a unique workout program tailored to your body's needs and goals. Accessible through a user-friendly app, you'll have everything you need to stay motivated and on track.

Targeted Lifestyle Recommendations: Achieving lasting wellness goes beyond just diet and exercise. Our program includes targeted lifestyle recommendations and education on stress management, sleep hygiene, and more – all aimed at supporting your long-term wellness

Holistic Supplementation Recommendations: In addition to lifestyle changes, we may recommend specific supplements to support your wellness journey. These holistic recommendations are carefully selected to complement your individual needs and optimize your results

High-Touch Support: You're never alone in this journey. With immediate access via Voxer, weekly check in's, unlimited access to me via voxer, and bi-weekly check-in calls, I'm your dedicated support system every step of the way.

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This coaching program is specifically designed for women who are:


✔️ ready to ditch the confusion around what works and take control of their health

✔️ fed up with feeling tired everyday and ready to wake up energized and ready to take on the day

✔️ sick of trying to squeeze into jeans and ready to slip into them with ease then hear, "damn girl you look good!"

✔️ frustrated with not understanding what's going on with their bodies and ready to get a clear picture of their hormones through funtional lab testing

✔️ tired of one-size-fits-all approaches and ready to have a customized approach to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle so they can actually get results 

✔️ ready to say goodbye to mood swings and feel happier with a more stable mood

✔️ ready to stop taking supplements blindly and get super dialed in on exactly what you're body is lacking and what it needs so you can stop wasting money

✔️ ready to feel confident enough this swimsuit season to STOP sitting on the sidelines at the beach and enjoy life!

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I loved the one on one and holding my self accountable. Learned so much about my body and the lack of food I’ve been eating all these years. I do feel less bloated and can see the difference in my before and after photos.


I’ve gone from a size 10 to a 2 since working with you, lost over 30lbs., and am the most fit I’ve been in my entire life!  Plus I have SO much more energy and am able to keep up with my kids.  Feels amazing! 


My energy levels were better because I was actually eating enough food to fuel my body during my workouts as well as everyday life!  I have more steady energy, less bloating, have lost inches and feel like myself again! Actually, even better! 


I was basically on Vacation from May through October. Focusing on slow, steady gains helped me to never feel deprived. I was able to balance social situations and be much healthier and stronger at the end without having to skimp.


I’m so thankful to have learned how to get my metabolism under check. I’m thankful to have had someone to hold me accountable while I learned how to adjust my macros. I was able to lose 10 lbs and some of which I was actually increasing my calories!


I lost weight (fat while gaining muscle!), lost inches, less bloating, lower stress, better mood (hormone balance), and better sleep quality!  So grateful I signed up! 

I'm Ready!

I'm Ready!!!!!

If you're ready to take back your body now is the time!!!  Enrollment is open for the Women's Wellness Coaching Collective and space is limited to 5 women who are ready to take action.  If that's  you, click below to apply! 

*Applying does NOT guarantee you a spot in this program. Once you apply your application will be reviewed and a team member will be in touch! 


"I believe living healthy shouldn't be restricted but should be a balance of good food that fits your lifestyle."

- Giselle Schroer