A high touch, intimate coaching experience designed to help you lose fat, gain lean muscle and transform your body to look better and feel better FOR GOOD. Thousands of women have used our signature Four Phase Fat Loss Method to change their body and their life, it's a guarantee!


A Proven Fat Loss Method:

At Giselle Schroer Health and Wellness Coaching, myself and our team of coaches look at the big picture, not just calories in versus calories out.

We believe in coaching you as an integrative whole person ('cause we all know there's so much more than just food and exercise to this puzzle!).
And most importantly, we walk side-by-side with you on your journey, supporting you in making changes that will produce long-lasting results. You'll know exactly what to be doing at all times, and we'll trouble shoot everything you need on the fly.

I take all my clients through my signature Four Phase Framework for Fat Loss Method--it's a stepwise process so that progress is not only measurable but GUARANTEED.

Without a tried-and-true coaching plan, you'll be leaving your results up to chance, and for the kind of investment I know you want to make in yourself, we leave absolutely NOTHING up to chance. The transformation is guaranteed.

While some nutrition coaches send you off, out on your own, with a meal plan or prescription, we look at the whole picture. Daily habits, exercise, stress, sleep, hormones and more!

AND you’ll receive ongoing support and accountability all along the way. It’s like having your own personal coach in your back pocket at all times.
We have a handful of one-on-one coaching spots open for a limited time. But please be aware that we ONLY work with those who are truly READY for lasting transformation. This is not a quick fix or a short-term Band-Aid. This is forever change.


What Clients are Saying 

" I can’t tell you how much your patience with MY process meant to me and has meant to my success. You met me where I was at during every step of my one-on-one program. When I complained about running, you encouraged and praised me for walking. When I struggled with protein, you gave me time to gradually increase that goal. Had I found my “mojo” in terms of energy and motivation earlier in the program, I would have given myself a 10! I think I needed that time to establish a lot of good habits and detox from the ones that were not serving me though, so thank you for recognizing that in me."

"This is not a diet; this is a lifestyle change and something I have no doubt I will be able to continue on my own for the rest of my life. Giselle has given me the tools and knowledge to live this new lifestyle even once our time together comes to an end. Giselle promotes life balance and taking time to enjoy life's moments, which most importantly makes it a sustainable way to live."

"I Love Giselle’s Nutrition coaching, strength workouts, accountability, knowledge and knowledge sharing in her 1:1 coaching and The Macro Way boot camp. Not only have I lost weight and gained strength, I am in the Best shape of my life, feel more balanced inside and out, and feel more confident than ever. I have gotten to know myself more deeply, and have become more in tune with my body. As a result, I have learned what foods fuel my body best and how much, what to avoid, what types of workouts to do and how often, and what I enjoy most. I have learned balance and how to make time for me. Thank you Giselle!"

"First and foremost a NSV was putting myself and my health back as a top priority. I stayed true with my tracking and surprised myself with how consistent I can actually be. Seeing the lbs drop and inches disappear was such a great feeling (no doubt about that!) but feeling comfortable in my clothes and realizing that’s how they were supposed to fit was incredible! Before I started I took a picture of these jeans on me that I had wanted to wear but couldn’t button, after the 3 months I put them on again not knowing how they would fit and they buttoned!!! What a feeling! In the end, I finally have some confidence back and a pep in my step. I had missed that! Thank you Gisselle for believing in me, pushing me and always checking in on me!"

"I have made so much progress both mentally and physically in working with you as my nutrition coach/trainer. I was recently reflecting on how I used to bust my 🍑 at my old gym, working out 5 days a week and to the point I was getting migraines from exertion... I was only eating about 1200 calories. I saw very little progress in my body composition and I was beyond frustrated. In working with you, I am eating way more and working out 20-30 minutes a day and my progress has been fantastic! I feel so happy and confident!"

"I can honestly say this is the best I have every done, in terms of being consistent, with either macro or carb cycling. For that, I am very proud of myself. I feel like I finally found something that worked for me and didn't leave me feeling unsatisfied or really craving other food (unless it was right before my period). I can absolutely see a difference in the definition of my stomach (all though still work to be done there). My clothes fit better for sure and I am back to wearing the jeans I was wearing right after I finished my medical weight management program last year, even though I weigh more now."

"My approach has aways been "I'll eat what I want as long as I exercise." After training for a marathon, I was at the heaviest since having kids. I was so frustrated because no matter how much I was working out, I wasn't losing ANY weight. My migraines were out of control. My stress level was through the roof and when the pandemic hit, I was at an all time low both mentally and physically. I'd lose weight then gain everything back no matter how much I worked out. I finally reached out to Giselle because I was so frustrated. Her coaching helped me learn more about my body and what's needed to just feel better. First 4 weeks were so tough because I was struggling to hit my protein and carbs. We adjusted various different things and by week 6, I knew exactly what needed to be done. In the beginning I struggle with foods a bit because I'm so used to my Asian foods and that's all I know how to cook. With Giselle's help and list, I incorporated different foods to my cooking and made many delicious fusion meal options that's perfect for my macros. I moved away from processed foods, which helped me so much with my migraines and overall health. We also increased weight training to help me see results in muscle gain. Scale numbers aside, I was able to run a sub-30 5K (3 miles under 30 mins), which was amazing because last time I ran 3 miles in 30 mins was before college! Giselle's  program is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. We only have one body and one life, why not learn how to fuel it properly?"

"Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy being physically active and have consistently moved my body. A couple of years ago I was taught some very unhealthy beliefs about food. Working with Giselle I learned SO MUCH about fitness and nutrition and the importance of STRESS MANAGEMENT! I have never had a trainer tell me I needed to rest, giving me permission to give my body what it needed instead of constantly pushing the mindset of overworking your muscles. I am incredibly impressed with Giselle’s approach to fitness, asking me the tough and important questions, while challenging me to learn and grow. I lost inches! My body composition changed dramatically! I never felt like I was on a “diet”. The balanced approach Giselle preaches (and lives herself!) is so real it truly is a way to make actual lifestyle changes."

"Giselle, I can’t begin to explain how this program has transformed the way I think about food. I don’t have cravings for sugary foods, I am eating to fuel my body, I feel full all the time, and I am feeling so much better about how I feel overall. I have lost quite a few inches since I started with you, although there has not been as significant of a change on the scale the pictures tell the story! Thank you for your support, education and expertise!

"I was basically on Vacation from May through October. Focusing on slow, steady gains helped me to never feel deprived. I was able to balance social situations and be much healthier and stronger at the end without having to skimp.  It was great to come back from being gone 5 months and have people comment on how good I looked."

"Giselle provides daily support and accountability, which really helps keep me on track. She is always available to answer questions, help navigate me through a stressful day, or encourage me to enjoy life when those celebratory life occasions pop up. As Giselle says, it's all about balance. For anyone who wants accountability, encouragement, and someone who can educate them about food, what your body needs, and how to achieve your health goals, I highly recommend you contact Giselle. A year and a half ago I rarely ate a vegetable, had no idea how many calories I should be taking in, and had no knowledge of what kinds of food I should be eating and what I should try to stay away from when possible. Since working with Giselle I have drastically changed the way I eat and what I eat; and trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it. It may have taken me 50 years to realize I should eat better, but with Giselle's knowledge, patience, and encouragement, I finally am!

"I took a leap financially when signing up for one-on-one coaching and I have zero regrets for investing in myself. I was embarrassed to “start over” on this weight loss/muscle building journey because I feel like I’ve been through it so many times! Somewhere during the program my focus changed from losing unwanted pounds to finding a silver lining in every week. From feeling stronger during workouts, stressing less during the holidays, to becoming more disciplined in choosing foods to eat- I was able to keep moving forward with trust in the process and confidence in myself. With so many things out of my control I found comfort in meeting daily macronutrient goals and completing workouts. All the while I felt supported and believed in!"

"My clothes are all fitting better. People at the gym and at work are commenting on how I am "shrinking" or that my booty looks good. I really was able to lift heavier at the gym by the end. I lost a total of 4 lbs from start to finish. I lost an 1.5 inches off of my waist, which is my "problem" area. Lost a bit from my hips and thighs but they weren't target areas I was focusing on anyway. I recover well after a workout, I am not super sore or achy. I have discovered if I drink at least 3L of water my muscles aren't as tight.  I can see definition in my abs (what?). Which is crazy!"

"1. Figuring out what works/doesn’t work for me to achieve my macro goals. Having some regular breakfast options (protein smoothie) and meal prepping lunch have made ALL the difference. On the weeks I succeed with a weekend prep/plan I have found everything flows smoother and my results support this. 2. I’ve had ups and downs and would say my stress level has been consistently higher than in recent years BUT despite all of this I’ve made some progress and haven’t had the “rebound” I’ve had with other programs. I also don’t feel the need to stop but to move forward in a smart manner (i.e. maybe another 4 weeks of deficit and then reverse, maintain through holidays and then aim to deficit again in the New Year). My old mindset would either be to perpetually be in a deficit or then to fly off the rails and be unfocused. "



"Wow! Working with Giselle was truly one of the best things I did on my health journey. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to Macros and Carb Cycling and is so supportive by doing daily and weekly check-ins. I learned the importance of fueling my body with the right kind combination of carbs, protein and fats. My favorite part of both of these programs is they are doable for REAL LIFE!!! You don't have to cut any one food out. It's all about measuring foods and logging then in order to stay on track. For me the key point was having to post my daily charts into her personal FB group. I absolutely needed this level of accountability in order to be successful. If you are looking for the missing piece in your weight loss journey and feel like you're in a rut, I highly recommend working with Giselle. You will notice such a huge improvement both with scale and non-scale victories!!!

"Giselle is an extremely knowledgeable coach and takes a holistic view to overall health & wellness. This session was particularly helpful for me in gaining an understanding of how much nutrition affects all other aspects of reaching my fitness goals. Her positive encouragement is so helpful and she is very responsive when you need information or guidance. During this session I reduced my body fat mass and increased lean mass which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Besides those goals I saw what a difference balancing your micronutrients can make to how you feel and your energy levels. That knowledge alone was worth doing personal training & I would highly recommend Giselle's courses both online and in person!"

"The fact that I no longer feel that I am dieting is huge for me. Little things like thinking if I really want to eat something or if I am just eating because I am bored, stressed, tired etc. I am not focused on my weight anymore, because I am know that keeping up these habits long term will get me the results I want which is to be healthy and strong. This has been life changing for me!"

"I’ve achieved overall stability in my eating habits. This has become a lifestyle that I want to continue (not just the latest “fad” diet). After having yo-yo’ing weight over the years it’s relieving to focus on slow and steady weight loss and my overall health (mind/body/spirit). I am so appreciative of Giselle’s approach and her guidance through my journey!"

I Help Women Who...


  • have struggled their whole life and have lost weight more than once only to gain it back.
  • are working to lose that last 5-20 pounds and it won’t seem to go away.
  • are fed up with trying diet after diet only to fail and start all over again.
  • ages 30-60 who want to finally hop off the crazy diet train and learn how to fuel their bodies efficiently and effectively in order to help them live their best lives
  • have tried multiple diets but haven't gotten long-lasting results
  • have been dieting for an extended period of time with minimal or no results
  • want to understand how to eat and exercise in a way that makes them happy and gets them long-lasting results
  • have tried fad diets, group challenges, read all the fat loss books, but are still not seeing results

What Kind of Results to Expect

The majority of my clients walk away from 1:1 coaching with, 

  • A new sense of food freedom

  • Feeling less restricted

  • A new better understanding of how to fuel their bodies effectively

  • More energy 

  • Better sleep

  • Better hormone function

  • Less body fat

  • More muscle

  • Decreased cravings   

  • Less PMS Symptoms

  • Decreased sugar cravings 

  • More confidence 

  • Feeling overall healthier and happier!

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Hi there! My name is Giselle Schroer. 

I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, AFFA certified group fitness instructor, NASM certified nutrition coach, Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, certified macronutrient coach and hold a Bachelors degree in education.  It is my true passion to help women get fit and healthy to ultimately live their best life possible.  ​

From personal experience with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, hypothalamic amenorrhea, pregnancy loss and anxiety, I understand the difficulty of balancing healthy living.  This is why it has become my mission to help others find a nutrition and workout routine that works for them. ​

My philosophy on training and nutrition is that everyone is unique and there is no one size fits all fitness and nutrition program.   I want my clients workouts and nutrition to be effortless, satisfying, and maintainable for the long term while helping them reach their goals!  Whether you’re looking for an independent at home program or guided support through one-on-one coaching, it is my mission to help you!!!! ​

Besides being a personal trainer, and nutrition coach, I’m a wife to my husband Brandon and mom to two little boys, Ayden and Jax.  They are my world and keep me active on a daily basis.  I love spending time with my family, traveling, being outdoors, drinking good wine and eating good food!  ​

Thank you of taking the time to get to know me!  I look forward to connecting with you and helping you on your healthy living journey!  ​

xoxo ~ Giselle 

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"I believe living healthy shouldn't be restricted but should be a balance of good food that fits your lifestyle."