Are you?

Looking for one-on-one training without having to go to the gym?

Or maybe you love going to the gym but are tired of walking around wondering exactly what to do?

Online coaching is EXACTLY what you need!  Wish access to my fitness app, you will receive custom workouts that are built for you and your lifestyle! 

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Getting in shape is difficult, especially when you don't know what to do or where to start.  My goal is to redefine your perspective on training and make it something you enjoy doing that fits your lifestyle.  No one has time to spend hours each day in the gym and it's 100% not necessary to do so.  With my guidance, I teach you how to workout smartly and effectively.  All workouts are built around you and your current lifestyle making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine!

What 1:1 Online Personal Training Includes

  • An initial phone consultation call to get to know on another and discuss your goals
  • A Zoom or video postural assessment to determine which areas of your body to focus on and which exercises will be right for you
  • Customized phased workout program that is built around your goals time, equipment available and health history
  • Access to my user friendly fitness app which will house your customized workout program
  • Exercise demos for every workout via my fitness app
  • All programs include customized warm up, cool down, mobility, and recovery recommendations 
  • Monthly email check in to discuss progress
  • Access to me through email and my fitness app for questions 
  • Ongoing support from a certified coach to help educate and keep you accountable 
  • Downloadable fitness guide to help prepare and guide you through your program 


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Hi I'm Giselle


I'm the owner of Giselle Schroer Health and Wellness.  I spent years struggling with over exercise, in particular too much cardio  I would go to them gym and was so intimidated by the weight section I would just hop on a machine and zone out for hours at a time.  When I did try to incorporate strength training, I didn't know what to do so would bounce from machine to machine with zero direction or plan.  I took a leap and hired a personal trainer who taught me who to properly incorporate strength training into my routine.  My body changed and I fell in love with resistance training.  I decided then and there that I wanted others to learn to exercise properly in order to feel their best! 

I'm a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and certified macronutrients coach as well as a busy mom to two busy crazy boys.  I know exactly what it's like to try to find time for health and fitness while also living life.  Which is why I'm so passionate about helping others learn about balanced eating through macro tracking and exercise!   If you're ready to change your life by reaching your goals without completely overhauling your lifestyle, let's do this!


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"I believe living exercise should be fun but effective and that everyone can find something to fit their lifestyle!"

- Giselle Schroer