Special offer for YOU!

Everyone is so incredibly different and a more personalized experience can help you to get even better results when it comes to health and wellness.  

In a Nutrition Audit with me we'll hop on a 30 minute phone call to chat about your specific health goals, current lifestyle and specific recommendations to help you get the most out of your journey!

Nutrition Audit for 60% OFF!

In a Nutrition Audit you'll receive...

  • A My Fitness Pal food diary evaluation by your coach so that she can see exactly what you're currently eating and make suggestions to help if needed
  • A questionnaire for your coach to obtain more information about your current diet and lifestyle
  • A 30 minute phone call at anytime to discuss specific recommendations on what to eat to improve your diet and get better results
  • A follow up email with  suggestions and recommendations about foods, sleep, stress and more!