6 weeks to Learning, Tracking + Losing Fat for Good with Macro Counting, Working Directly with Giselle


7 weeks of guidance, education and direct coaching from Giselle so you can learn to eat effectively and exercise efficiently in order to feel confident in your own skin! 


Are you...

Tired of trying diet after diet and not getting results?

Frustrated with the cycle of losing weight only to gain it back?

Confused with conflicting dieting information? Fed up with not knowing what to eat to reach my goals?

Avoiding stepping on the scale out of fear for what you’ll see?

If you're shaking your head yes, you're not alone!

I've been there too....

Stuck in the cycle of losing weight, then gaining it back.  Trying diet after diet only to feel restricted and end up binging.  Doing so much damage to my body under-eating that I suffered negative consequences for years.  I know the struggles all too well.

Thankfully, my life and my health changed when I discovered a new way of eating.  A lifestyle that allowed me to eat healthfully most the time but also to enjoy foods that I really wanted to enjoy sometimes.

AND, I want to help YOU discover this new lifestyle as well!  Which is why I've created The Macro Way. 

A nutrition and fitness program that is designed to help you to eat smarter and with intention. We've been so conditioned to eat less, cut out food groups and avoid eating foods we love to enjoy, in order to see progress.  This is NOT a sustainable way of living and NOT what we will be doing in this program. 

My goals for you are to actually learn how eat healthy, balanced meals while also enjoying things like wine, donuts, and eating out at restaurants when you want to.  For you to adopt a sustainable way of eating that becomes an intuitive lifestyle rather than a quick fix diet.  For you to learn that you don't have to kill yourself in the gym 7 days a week to get real results.

Through this private, guided group coaching program,  you'll receive the tools and strategies to help you learn to eat without restriction and get real, sustainable results. 


  • A private Facebook group led by two certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and macronutrients coaches. 

  • Sample meal plans with recipe links to help give you macro friendly meal planning ideas $200

  • Macro friendly recipe guide to help you create healthy recipes for the whole family $50 value 

  • Meal prep guide to assist you with your planning and prepping needs $50 value 

  • Restaurant and traveling guides to help you navigate dining out and traveling $50 value 

  • Daily check in's in the Facebook group for accountability 

  • Two 1:1 check ins to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed $100 value 

  • Lifetime access to The Macro Way online Portal for continued education and support even after the program is over. $300 value
  • One 30 minute phone call to review progress, discuss struggles, wins and planning $100 value

  • Ongoing support from a certified coach to help educate and keep you accountable $199 value 

  • A 6 week at-home or gym progressive overload workout program to help you gain muscle and speed up fat loss $300 value 

  • A downloadable, comprehensive nutrition guide created by a certified health and fitness coach to help guide you through the program $99 value 

  • Done for you macro calculations by a certified macronutrients coach to save you time and confusion $100 value 

  • Weekly trainings on things like mindset, hormones, meal planning, tracking food etc. $200 value 

  • Expert guest speakers to dive into things like hormones, mobility and more! $200 value



I'm the owner of Giselle Schroer Health and Wellness and creator of The Macro Way. A program that I created because I saw a need in the industry for education on how to live a healthy balanced life. One that's free of restriction, cutting out whole food groups, drastically slashing calories or spending ours of cardio. Macro tracking helped me and has helped hundreds of other women who have gone through The Macro Way, break up with yo-yo dieting and overcome disordered eating habits. It helped me to learn to enjoy food freedom while still reaching my goals.

Running my own business as a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and certified macronutrients coach as well as a busy mom to two busy crazy boys. I know exactly what it's like to try to find time for health and fitness while also living the healthy, happy life we all long for. Which is why I'm so passionate about helping others learn about balanced eating through macro tracking and sustainable exercise!

If you're ready to change your life ditch the yo-yo dieting and reach your goals without completely overhauling your lifestyle, let's do this!



I have learned so much over the 6 weeks. Many things that I never expected out of this program when started. Ending with so much progress in inches lost, my personal mental picture of food and weigh loss changed, better eating habits for my entire family, feeling stronger and even a decrease in chronic pain that I had. Oh and down a few pounds on the scale too!
Giselle’s program has helped me learn more about nutrition and how to balance food and life. She is great at pushing you when you need it, but also so very supporting when you are feeling down or stuck.  I am walking away with a better understanding of what I have to do to keep on track of losing weight and inches.
This program has been amazing! I’ve learned a ton about how to fuel myself. My body feels better, I’m performing better in my workouts, and I’ve dropped a pant size. Other programs I’ve done added in extra calories for activity and I felt like I had to workout extra hard in order to the earn food I wanted to eat. Giselle calculates your activity level into your macros, so I ate to fuel myself for my workouts rather than workout to pay for my food. I’ve been telling my husband all about it and he wanted to jump right on the waitlist for the fall after seeing my results.
Nine pounds, and many inches lost!!  This bootcamp was amazing, my jaw dropped when I put the before and after pictures side by side.  I discovered a lot about my eating habits, mainly that it takes work to get enough protein.  Pre-planning is key.  I found that with pre-planning I was able to hit my goal and even plan for a night out without worrying about completely blowing my counts/calorie goals.  I hope to continue counting my macros and continuing the healthier eating habits.  Increased energy, less hunger and no desire to graze every time I walk in the kitchen are just a few of the positives I'm taking away.
This macro boot camp was great!  Really gave me good insight about the different foods I’ve been eating.  I learned a lot!  I have been sleeping much better and my gut feels so much better
I lost several pounds and inches, my clothes fit better and I feel better! 


While our main focus will be on nutrition, the Macro Way includes 6 weeks of at-home or gym workouts in order to help you build muscle, increase your metabolism and have more optimal results.  

Workouts are delivered through my fitness app that includes,

  • A 6-week progressive workout program designed by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Instant messaging in the fitness app for questions regarding workouts

  • Exercise demo videos for each movement to help you ensure you're doing the exercises correctly

  • Workout check-in's to make sure you're progressing

  • Weekly workout challenges to help motivate and hold you accountable for your workouts

Pairing your new, healthy diet with a good progressive overload workout program will excel your results even more!


Are ready to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and learn to nurture your body, lose fat and get real results without cutting out foods you love

Looking for a certified macro nutrition expert to help guide and support you in learning how to track macros to lose fat in a healthy way

Ready to commit to feeling your best and living your best life

Looking to dial in your exercise routine, build muscle and burn more fat

Ready to ditch depriving diet behaviors and nonsense food rules

Want to ensure you're eating the right foods to fuel your workouts

Looking for basic nutrition education because you're fed up with all the conflicting information out there

Tired of stress eating, uncontrollable cravings, and emotions dictating what you eat

Want to be able to go out with friends for happy hour, dinner with your husband or enjoy family pizza night without feeling like you ruined your "diet"





Ready to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and learn to nurture your body, lose fat and get real results without cutting out foods you love?

Looking for a certified macro nutrition expert to help guide and support you in learning how to track macros to lose fat in a healthy way?

Ready to commit to feeling your best and living your best life?

Looking to get back on track with your exercise routine, build muscle and burn more fat?






This was awesome!  I’ve counted calories before but felt like the needle wouldn’t budge unless I sat around 1200 calories. Learning what those calories are made of and balancing them with the right kind of foods has made a huge difference in my energy level and my waistband!  No stretchy pants required for thanksgiving.   

I learned so much about food... food that “claims” to be healthy but really isn’t, as well as what my body needs in order to function well ( a balance of carbs and protein). I had so much more energy which was evident in my workouts and my clothes are fitting even looser :)

I absolutely feel better about myself both mentally and physically!  Gone is the bloat.  I have more energy and can stay more even keeled throughout the day.  I feel energized and I don't feel like a full slug after every meal.  Instead, I feel nourished and healthy and capable!  I'm so glad I did this program. It helped turn around my eating habits completely. 

Doing The Macro Way has definitely gotten me back into being more aware of what I’m putting into my body, and being intentional with what I’m eating. I feel less Inflamed as well.  The support from Giselle was constant, and so appreciated!

The Macro Way has been very educational , supportive and fun! Loved the accountability, great recipes  and eventually being diligent about logging in on MFP. It actually was exciting when I hit all my numbers at the end of the day :-) Giselle is a wealth of knowledge and so encouraging - a must do process for all ! 

I am so happy to have gone through this learning process. I have had some great aesthetic successes like a flatter tummy and smaller pant size. What has been the most important to me is that this has become a lifestyle that I can maintain.  It gives me the flexibility to build in dinners out or an occasional treat while still being able to achieve my goals.  Giselle was always so awesome at being there when I was frustrated and helping me to keep going, providing awesome workouts to do while I traveled and helping me be realistic so that I can make this my lifestyle and not just a diet.   Giselle adds so much in the way of encouragement, knowledge and realistic and sustainable expectations.  Thank you Giselle!

This program was great! Giselle has so much knowledge to share and offers great tips to keep the motivation up, especially when around the holidays! I followed the exercises in the program and with staying on track, I was able to lose enough weight to fit in some pre-pregnancy clothes, which was my goal. There are daily check-ins and it's a great way to help each other and share recipes. 

This is by far the best nutrition program I have ever participated in...and I have tried a lot of them.  Giselle's program is easy to use, makes sense and she provides daily guidance and support to help you stay on track!  It's a lifestyle plan that allows you to celebrate on occasion and work in your treats.  I felt good, healthy and accomplished at the end!

I loved this experience - it has helped me change my relationship with food. I no longer have daily cravings for sweets and when I do have something sweet, I'm satisfied within a few bites. I never once felt deprived or like I was on a 'diet'. I'm lifting more in my workouts and my clothes are fitting so much better. I loved having Giselle as a coach and our accountability group helped me stay motivated and on track. Can't wait until the next boot camp! 

In truth, nutrition has always been a mental struggle for me and I’m sure I will still experience my share of frustrations with unhealthy cravings and emotional eating. Thanks to Giselle’s guidance, I feel I’m better equipped to not only rebound from missteps but to ultimately minimize the impact they have on my motivation.  

Thank you for being such a patient and transparent teacher and mentor Giselle! I can’t say enough good things about your program and your approach to online coaching. You have a gift, thank you for sharing it!

The bootcamp was AMAZING!!! I always have thought that I “ate healthy” but realized quickly through tracking my macros and carb cycling that I was fueling my body completely wrong! I obviously look and feel better, but the biggest thing I have noticed is how much better my memory is! I have suffered from a bad memory my entire life, and now I am remembering why I walked in a room! :)  I sleep better, feel better mentally, and just overall feel better! I’m very thankful I signed up for this! Giselle is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Everyone should sign up! 


"I believe living healthy shouldn't be restricted but should be a balance of good food that fits your lifestyle."

- Giselle Schroer